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The Mission: Do Justice

Re-Elect Jessica Cooper in Oakland County 2020

Jessica Cooper is the person who brought meaningful reform and progress to the Oakland County Prosecutor’s Office. As the prosecutor of Oakland County for more than 11 years, she has restored accountability and respect. The same qualities that made her an outstanding Judge – integrity, fairness, and intellectual toughness – makes her an outstanding Prosecutor. Her experienced and effective approach as Prosecutor has redirected the office to better protect the citizens of this County while re-establishing fairness and ethics as the mainstay of the office.

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Jessica Cooper at event

Learn More About Jessica R. Cooper

Jessica Cooper has always believed that whether as a judge or a prosecutor, she was and is vested with discretion and a responsibility to the public that requires measured responses and a full and fair examination of the facts and the law in each and every case. It is a tremendous amount of work that takes experience and expertise. Cooper has brought professionalism and excellence to the office. Ethics is the first and foremost rule of the office.

Jessica Cooper posing for photo

Read more about the issues, the major cases and her success stories.

In a world that is divided; with an ever-increasing populace that spouts conclusions and rumors without regard to facts; a world where disrespect for the law and norms have started to prevail, a steady hand is imperative at the local level.

Citizens for Jessica Cooper

30150 Telegraph Road, Suite 373
Bingham Farms, MI 48025